Channel, one to one or one to three

Believe it or not this was the second entry as the first I accidentally deleted, universal work or just me hitting the wrong stupid button at the wrong time while trying to add a picture? I will admit I have to take the blame on this one. It was, a really good entry, well for a few minutes anyways. When doing the mediumship work and teaching others to meditate, validate and practice, practice, practice; there is a moment to offer opportunity and allow my guides to have a physical conversation. I know they like the interaction of the circle “meditation participants” to ask question of clarification, direction and even speak with someone who has crossed, if the opportunity arises. Sometimes when I come out from channelling, it can make me feel a bit dizzy and out of sorts. Other times, when I try to get my bearings, I open my eyes to see everyone staring at me. Over the years, this is something that I have come accustomed to.

People, whether they realize it or not, often have information channeled to them from spirit. For example, when an answer to an idea suddenly comes to you out of the blue and helps you solve something. Spirit has and will often assist when they can, this is not to be confused with interrupting or interfering, but to help. Other examples are seen with Edgar Casey, Mozart, Bach, and even one of my favourite groups, Ramstein. These fluctuations of spiritual assistance is just to help you that little bit as your learning. Choice is yours and always will be. So with the experience and answers you seek sometimes may not be what your looking for and may be a bit more blunt than you realize. But know this, those answers or bits of conversation are always replied to you with the utmost intention of love.

Can anyone be a Channeller, sure we are all from the same light source but remember this does take dedication and PRACTICE. Not just a week or two course. While you may receive the basics, many people are different from each other and also is their spiritual growth. Unfortunately, there are some who, take a channeling course and are such in a hurry to perform and wow the crowd that their willing to take advantage of the teacher, and skip all the spiritual lessons to become famous to raise their own ego.

That is why I will tell people who are interested in learning to Channel, to find a good teacher, not to rush, and practice, practice, practice. Being famous isn’t a bad thing but being true to your intention, is always a good place to learn and grow. In time things will unfold and opportunities, placed in front of you. You will know when it is time and when you are ready.

Fame is like a flame on a candle eventually, it will burn out. Much like your physical body and then at a time; a new flame will emerge and your true self be reborn. (from Samuel)

For a channeling classes, I will offer these once I have 10 ppl interested, will be posted on dedicated FB page “Spiritual Medium Gordon Ellison”.

In light and with Love

Last weeks meditation in March 2014 was about learning to connect with a new guide. That guide was also learning to connect and work with each of you. It was important that when doing the exercise, to remain with your eyes closed. While learning to relax and then through the meditation you have learned to connect via the open doorway directly behind you. The light which was bright at first, slowly dissipated as the connection became stronger. Once the connection and vibration was completed , you had allowed the information or rule of first thought to be applied. While sitting across from your partner , and leaning in, you allowed the information to begin and be told. This first voice as I will call it, transmitted the information through you from thought. The exercise was an important introduction allowing both you and that guide to practice the art of communication and hold of the shared space of vibration. One your end, the reason I was told for keeping your eyes closed was because they didn’t want you to allow your ego get in the way and interrupt the flow of information and break the connection. As some of you experienced, thoughts seemed to vanish and leaving you to open your eyes.

While this did happen to some, two things had happened. One, during the quiet moment, your guide was going back to ask for assistance. Remember that their also learning to communicate with you. Essentially, you lost the connection and any other information, was lost. Secondly, with your eyes opened, the opportunity for the ego was allowed to see how you did by the expression of the other person and thusly, allowed you to miss the intention of the whole experience and exercise. For everyone there there was no right or wrong. You all did very well, just remember next time you practice, keep your eyes closed and don’t allow your ego a chance, to ruin your experience in the future until your ready to part with it.

Meditation Nights… directions to, when, where and what to expect?

meditation image w title
Expect a friendly and safe environment to learn to meditate and develop your psychic awareness. The house is located off Dominion Rd in Fort Erie, Ontario. Cost is $5 per person and we ask each person to bring a dish to share. We will begin, March 2014 at 7:00 pm on, the first and second thursday of the month, and will run until 9:30 pm. We will do a meditation first then eat after this. If need eat a light meal before meditation, and can eat afterwards otherwise, it will be uncomfortable meditating on a full stomach. After the meditation, we may have various discussions, learning about energy work, distant healing, paranormal discussions and psychic development. In order to develop your awareness of your psychic self; meditation is key towards your interest and development is entirely you and your self practice. We are not rigid and make the experience as safe and fun as possible. This is an alcohol free, drug free, and smoke free event. Including, areas of the driveway so do it before you come and keep your butts in the car and not on the driveway, road or on our lawn. We appreciate your understanding and interest and look forward to meeting you. If you intend on bringing someone please make them aware of cost and expectation. With this said; this experience is personal and serious for all involved.

DIRECTIONS: You can access this from the Niagara BLVD by getting off the Peace Bridge from Buffalo Ny and take the first off ramp which is a minute away then turn left and go straight till come to a stop sign, you can also see Buffalo Ny and Lake Erie at this point. Turn right and follow this rd, stay right coming to “the Old Fort”. The other rd will go left of this. Continue coming pass two beds on the rd than kraft rd will be immediately on your left. Turn left here and go down the street were on the left hand side with the only aluminum shed in driveway.

OFF THE QEW: exit Gilmore rd from the highway and at the stop sign continue straight to the lights. Turn left here which is called “Garrison Rd”. Get into the right lane and go straight just pass the lights you will see a car dealership. Kraft rd is on your right just before the business. Turn right and go all way down the street to the stop sign. This is a long rd, don’t sped as there are police often hiding towards the end. From the stop sign cross the rd (Dominion rd) stay on this rd and we are on the right hand side with the only aluminum shed in the driveway.

Meditation Thursday, November 21, 2013.

medMy apologies for not blogging but we missed a couple meditation nights due to our daughter having nose surgery.

I am asked sometimes after the meditation, how do I come up with the different meditations I do or have done. I remember at one particular time, I wrote down what is was I wanted to say during a meditation night. Let’s just say I haven’t since that one time did that again. Not that it ended badly, Samuel asked what I was trying to achieve and then said I should “just go with it”. I have found over the many years of doing my meditations that the best way to remember them is to just go with it. You see every night of our gathering is geared for some reason a purpose to which I don’t understand until the end of the night or, partially half way through. I have learned to let go and let God, as the angels say and allow the meditations to be as natural as they can be. And giving myself whole heartedly to the people attending while acting as an open conduit for the Angels. I have also been privy to meditations done by other people and one of the ones I like most was when I first went to the Omega Institute in NY to see “James Van Praagh” and “Tony Stockwell”. It was a meditation where James was leading the meditation and it involved a particular room. I liked the idea so much that he gave me permission to also use it and so I have incorporated it for the second time on this night. You see the items in the room are all placed there by you, really even prior to the meditation even starting, it has always been this way and was done before you coming into this physical world. Every item has a meaning and purpose only you understand. There is meaning with all that is in here. My aim this night was not just leading you into a serenity of soft words and music. My aim was to allow for you to wake your subconscious mind and explore the items and the gift that was given to you. That too, had a personal meaning. Often people will ask questions which I often give it right back and allow them to seek what it feels not so much what it means because I think that we can become lost in its translation by trying too much. By feeling you have a sense of awareness and feel the energy in response to how it makes you feel. Once you have that , as they say, the rest is cake. The room also was talked about and focused on brief moments of the window on the far wall. Or as I termed it, the room with a view. We so much want to see or experience something during the meditation, often that in itself will halt our experience and is why I said let go and let God. Meaning let go of anything were trying to do or want in the existence of this meditation, and allow the God energy to consume us inside the mass energy of the Universe and allow the experience to be as natural for us as possible. Not all the time you will have an experience in your meditation, and often you may get frustrated and maybe even want to quit. But I will say if these feelings do come up in any of those times you’re meditating, take a deep breath, re-adjust your body and say in your mind as you exhale; let go, and let God and enjoy the room with a view.

October 23, 2013 Meditation Night

medI was supposed to put into this post for this night but, I completely forgot about it. A habit that my guide Samuel says, is in our nature of being human. I wanted to talk about the meditation I had about meeting another guide during a meditation at the first experience at the Omega Centre. I can honestly say that this was the top where both Tony and James was interactive on a more personal level that the last time I was there. Anyway, I was meditating and during this particular experience I was in the woods and was watching this guy walk through like he had a particular place to be. I also noticed that I was above him but not too far that I couldn’t see him. I thought it was very interesting as to where he was heading and I couldn’t keep from watching where he was heading to. I noticed he wore a tan outdoors long sleeved shirt rolled to his elbows and wearing shorts that were a bit darker with matching hiking boots. He also had slung over a shoulder a backpack and was walking with a hiking stick you would see for sale at an outfitters store. His hair was jet black and looked like he was in good shape, not too muscular but, enough to know he wasn’t small in his size. As he followed the path in front of him once in a while he would seem to catch himself whistling. I then noticed he came to what would be a small river in the woods but it seemed worn fro the previous rainfall that left behind bedrock of rounded stones with various size colour and shapes. He bent down for a moment and kicked up a fist sized stone and examined it briefly then put it back where he found it, stood up and turned left walking the path of the partially dried up river bed. The experience for me was so real, I remember even being able to smell the deep woods, the earth and feel the warmth from the trees covers of a fresh passed rain only a few hours old. My thoughts immediately went back to this individual who, was now making his way into an open field. As I looked up ahead, I noticed what seemed as I can describe as, a wall of fog stretching from the grass all the way to the sky. Then as quick as I noticed I was standing in the field on the other side of that wall as that individual walked through as a familiar everyday event and taking no notice of the fog. In the next moment I saw kids pop their heads from playing with each other a game of hiding seek all shouting within moments of each others voice and running towards this man, shouting his name; Joshua, look… Joshua is here. As soon as he acknowledged them with a slight one hand/arm hug he then looked up at me and from where I was standing; introduced himself to me and said, hello Gordon, I am Joshua, son of Gaya.

I learned that he was well… a “time traveler”. And often visiting other places then, returning home to heaven and would share his experiences. This introduction also came in the next moment as I watched myself sit in the room we all were in with everyone meditating and as I watched myself sitting motionless. Joshua then stood in front of me and said this is called the fitting and then sat down exactly where I was in me.

I soon learned that there will be work done with “Joshua, son of Gaya” as; I am told how to introduce him to others. He will be also working with my Angels regarding Channelling and other related Psychic work for myself.

I have come to know of many guides during my meditations and really look forward to working with him as well.

I can say that I am glad to have been introduced this way.

Meditation Thursday October 10th, 2013 – Eat Your Soup, the comfort food…

medWell, here we are again, a nice quiet night there was a whole of five people that showed and you may think to yourself, wow where did everyone go?  Well, its like I explained that there are two parts to a nucleus, and also in our meditation circle.

There is the core group of people who come on a regular basis, and there is a group outside of the circle who come and go.  They sometimes come out on a regular basis, or they are off and on for a while. We have come to notice that over the years of meditation that when someone from the core circle stops attending, there is always someone new to replace them.  But I look at it this way, sometimes having a more intimate circle is nice because you are not only closer to the nights topic, but it also allows everyone to have an ear or say, it’s just… nice, ya know?  I love when more people come out and join us also, but I thought to share part of the conversation that took place for tonight.

I did record the meditation, and it stopped at 35 sec into the recording, I will say that I have been experiencing a lot of weird things at home lately. I will have to double check, in all cases my dad Cliff also recorded it, maybe I can persuade him to send me a copy in the email? Many of you are probably wondering why I picked such a title and it actually went with the meditation. In short, the bowl represented the soup made by a lady in a cabin where we went in the meditation. She not only fed us, but prepared this wonderful meal for us to eat with warm home made bread. This comfort food was represented by the soup of your choice. Along with the aroma that filled the wooden cabin and immediate vicinity, was the crackling fire that provided warmth chasing way the night chill. All went well as we shared the meal with our visiting spirit guide.

The soup in our bowl represented our life’s experiences. When our bowl is full, we must first eat it’s contents before enjoying second helpings. Much is said regarding an interview where Bruce Lee has a similar example with a cup of tea. I wont explain it as it can be found on U-tube (see the link to the right). When we empty our bowls it allows for us to experience more in our lives. Also soup in general is a warm hug on our internal organs, something we don’t pay much attention to unless its too late. So do yourself a favour at least once a month give your insides a hug, empty your bowl to experience more in life as well as other areas. Eat your soup, you’ll be glad you did.

Question for the night:

1) What did your medallion look like that the woods gave to you?

2) What kind of soup did you eat and how did it make you feel?




Meditation Thursday October 3rd, 2013

medLast night meditation was really nice.

I was glad to have the opportunity to change up in the type of music we listen to.  I am often asked what is the nights meditation going to be about, and I used to say “it depends on what comes up”. It usually consisted of what Samuel and Sacreah do at that moment.  I used to plan it out when first starting our meditation nights, even canvasing the St. Catharine’s local Chapters for people interest in learning or interested to meditate.  It was weird at first, but like anything, once you’ve done it a few times you kind of get a feel for it.  Wow,  that was about 8-9 years ago.

We first started on Friday nights, and then came Pow Wow season, so friday’s were out and we moved the meditation to Thursday’s.  Usually I would be teaching Karate classes on Thursday and wednesday nights.  I do miss it a lot but as Samuel always says, life gets in the way.

So last night was a bit different in the fact that the flow of the music was changed. It was not so slow and drawn as I normally opt to use. I do like most music, but I had been waiting since I came back from the Omega Centre to introduce the musician I fell in love with. Along with the couple of tracks that had a big influence in a meditation i experienced there, we headed down another road together. If you were one of the ones privy that night when I explained it then you will know what I am talking about. For the rest sorry, you could either listen to the meditations you missed where I may have spoken about it?

The singer’s name is  SNATAM KAUR and her CD called “THE BODY OF”.  Music as Samuel explained, does more than just moves us or influences us in some sort of way.  Furthermore, it is the type of music that we can listen to while in that mode of meditation helping the experience to be very motivating and moving.  When we think of last nights meditation how did it experience for you. Did you have a difficult time trying to hear my voice?  I would like to remind you that the idea of meditation is not always to be lead from beginning to end and this is where the meditation from here on will be changed in a way to help you achieve just that.  Now don’t worry, the temple, healing and visitation meditation’s will still be used once in a while, but for now, this is about you.

Your new journey and the experience is waiting.

I am glad you enjoyed the meditation. It was also nice to see the energy shift in such a way that many of you let go for the first time and finally experienced a meditation just for you.   Here are the questions and if you wouldn’t mind, share your experience with other’s with a little blurb or, however much you like.

1.  When you looked outside the window what did you see?

2. What was you gift and what significance did it have for you?


Meditation Thursday September 26th, 2013

medThe Road to Discovery

Tonights meditation was about making choices. Not just in the meditation, but in life. I know we all do that already to some degree, but it is a reminder that at anytime you can choose the road you wish to be on.  During the meditation you were asked to make a choice. By selecting a path, it encouraged you to explore and help to build trust within your own thoughts.  The Road you chose had a purpose and meaning. Only you can understand this road as it opens up the opportunity to self-discovery. Was there anything that was shown to you or told to you? Did you get anything at all by trusting enough in yourself? I have always provided the tools that lead you into a meditation. This may be a good time to remind you that you have always had the tools to meditate are with you, wherever you are.

The road to discovery in any meditation or even in life for that matter is always about choice.It is important to remember that it should be your choice, and not your will or aim to please another person in its attempt.

There are always many roads in life that we either choose to follow or to lead.  Can you be this leader in your life? if not, why?  Maybe its time to step back and give the Universe a chance to do its job for you. Maybe it’s time to lead by example. By thanking the Universe for the choices provided, you will be presented with more opportunity.  The road you choose is and always will be your choice. We were given the gift of choice, with this choice comes responsibility.  You are the driver, and your destination is, and has always been in your hands.  If you don’t like how your life is going, then change it.  I hope you received whatever it was you needed in the meditation. Your  journey is a lot like the surface of a road with many types of surfaces. But once you peel back that layer it is what is underneath that is important. Your meditation is a self journey on a road with many avenues, and if your still for a little bit, close your eyes and breath the answer will be provided for you if you pay attention.

When leaving comments on this meditation, please answer the following questions.

When you were asked to select a path, were you able to continue the meditation?
Did the path lead to an expected destination?

Meditation Thursday September 19th, 2013

medWell here I am,  and there you were.

It was a great night as always, I always like the diversities of conversation and the meditation, growling bellies and a snore from you know who once in a while…lol

My goal for tonight was to lead you towards the state of relaxation and have you choose between the two roads to take for your personal journey. As in life many roads are traveled on a daily basis. The analogy of this was for you to relate that the choices that you make are always yours as they always have been. Often many think that they have to follow me to the letter with each word and then their body puts them in sleep mode. Some, on waking, they think that they have somehow offended me, or there don’t remember anything, of they simply did something wrong. Remember this when you are here, you are here to relax and forget about the world outside.

The journey you take once led into relaxation is yours just like the choice between the two roads you stood in front of. Which one did you take? and where did it lead you?. Did you find the answer you were searching for or maybe it was the solitude of just quietly walking?

Sharing your experiences heightens the awareness of you experience as well as the energy. Its like dipping your hand in the lake and then touching someone. The energy absorbs from the lake (universe) and then is absorbed by your body and the essence of who you are. Resonating with this collective energy is what its all about. When you wake tomorrow, what road will you take on your journey into your day? besides the physical one that takes you into work. Remember, that all roads aren’t always made of mud and stone. If you are still at times, you will see that the road on your life’s journey is just as important to pay attention to. Just don’t forget to signal and, watch the signs.