medLast night meditation was really nice.

I was glad to have the opportunity to change up in the type of music we listen to.  I am often asked what is the nights meditation going to be about, and I used to say “it depends on what comes up”. It usually consisted of what Samuel and Sacreah do at that moment.  I used to plan it out when first starting our meditation nights, even canvasing the St. Catharine’s local Chapters for people interest in learning or interested to meditate.  It was weird at first, but like anything, once you’ve done it a few times you kind of get a feel for it.  Wow,  that was about 8-9 years ago.

We first started on Friday nights, and then came Pow Wow season, so friday’s were out and we moved the meditation to Thursday’s.  Usually I would be teaching Karate classes on Thursday and wednesday nights.  I do miss it a lot but as Samuel always says, life gets in the way.

So last night was a bit different in the fact that the flow of the music was changed. It was not so slow and drawn as I normally opt to use. I do like most music, but I had been waiting since I came back from the Omega Centre to introduce the musician I fell in love with. Along with the couple of tracks that had a big influence in a meditation i experienced there, we headed down another road together. If you were one of the ones privy that night when I explained it then you will know what I am talking about. For the rest sorry, you could either listen to the meditations you missed where I may have spoken about it?

The singer’s name is  SNATAM KAUR and her CD called “THE BODY OF”.  Music as Samuel explained, does more than just moves us or influences us in some sort of way.  Furthermore, it is the type of music that we can listen to while in that mode of meditation helping the experience to be very motivating and moving.  When we think of last nights meditation how did it experience for you. Did you have a difficult time trying to hear my voice?  I would like to remind you that the idea of meditation is not always to be lead from beginning to end and this is where the meditation from here on will be changed in a way to help you achieve just that.  Now don’t worry, the temple, healing and visitation meditation’s will still be used once in a while, but for now, this is about you.

Your new journey and the experience is waiting.

I am glad you enjoyed the meditation. It was also nice to see the energy shift in such a way that many of you let go for the first time and finally experienced a meditation just for you.   Here are the questions and if you wouldn’t mind, share your experience with other’s with a little blurb or, however much you like.

1.  When you looked outside the window what did you see?

2. What was you gift and what significance did it have for you?


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