why people hate their reading…

I just finished a very challenging reading. Not that it was hard for me but, the person sought other workers like myself, to get her answers. From this experience, I can say that she wasn’t happy. Not surprising at all. You have to understand that if you want a particular thing or someone particular to come through, demand proof of their existence when they do then, you will defiantly be disappointed every time, guaranteed.
I like many, I get upset with this energy. Why not? after all like you I am human. However, I also look at this as an ego check, or even small test or reminder that there are those people out there that through their own desired misery, look will bring this experience to you.
For you all out there looking for a reading, stop trying to find that one thing, relax and enjoy yourself. The energy flows a lot better, cleaner and is more effective for communication. If you stop interrupting,being evasive, argumentative and listen for a moment; you just might hear the message you weren’t expecting. Otherwise, there is a 1-800 psychic hotline that would love to hear from you everyday…me I rather enjoy those who are willing to listen rather than like you who just want to rant.
To all those who want to do the work with spirit I will ask you this…still want to go through with it? To that person, I bathe you in a purple light.


Life’s Encumbrance’s

Life is obviously a journey. Many times you may cross paths with those who can help in someway, at that time in your life. Wether, it be a huge influence or even the smallest which, is often unknown. Be assured that everything happens, when its supposed to, at the time line of Cosmic and Universal or Divine Intervention. Our roads will pass then, curve in different directions. At the right moment, those who are in your life may come and go. Be assured, you will all be present with each other on the other side when the time comes to discuss your part, in each others life’s soul journey. Enjoy the trip and to those you meet. Everyone at some point will play the role of student and the teacher.blueberry-forest-artnaz-com-12