Meditation Thursday September 26th, 2013

medThe Road to Discovery

Tonights meditation was about making choices. Not just in the meditation, but in life. I know we all do that already to some degree, but it is a reminder that at anytime you can choose the road you wish to be on.  During the meditation you were asked to make a choice. By selecting a path, it encouraged you to explore and help to build trust within your own thoughts.  The Road you chose had a purpose and meaning. Only you can understand this road as it opens up the opportunity to self-discovery. Was there anything that was shown to you or told to you? Did you get anything at all by trusting enough in yourself? I have always provided the tools that lead you into a meditation. This may be a good time to remind you that you have always had the tools to meditate are with you, wherever you are.

The road to discovery in any meditation or even in life for that matter is always about choice.It is important to remember that it should be your choice, and not your will or aim to please another person in its attempt.

There are always many roads in life that we either choose to follow or to lead.  Can you be this leader in your life? if not, why?  Maybe its time to step back and give the Universe a chance to do its job for you. Maybe it’s time to lead by example. By thanking the Universe for the choices provided, you will be presented with more opportunity.  The road you choose is and always will be your choice. We were given the gift of choice, with this choice comes responsibility.  You are the driver, and your destination is, and has always been in your hands.  If you don’t like how your life is going, then change it.  I hope you received whatever it was you needed in the meditation. Your  journey is a lot like the surface of a road with many types of surfaces. But once you peel back that layer it is what is underneath that is important. Your meditation is a self journey on a road with many avenues, and if your still for a little bit, close your eyes and breath the answer will be provided for you if you pay attention.

When leaving comments on this meditation, please answer the following questions.

When you were asked to select a path, were you able to continue the meditation?
Did the path lead to an expected destination?

To know ourselves

angelic-beautyTo know ourselves, is to understand that all beliefs are within us and resemble the love and light of the Universe, the Mother and Father God.

The Alpha and the Omega, the divine source is the place of your true birth and creation. You are all and everything, and everything that can be, is affected by you. When the whale’s cry, so do you, when the earth suffers, so do you and when the light of love is seen, it is also seen from inside you.

You are all related, and yet in your world you still fight to be different, separated, apart from each other when all the time you are the source and the essence of spirit.  You are the children and the governors of the light source you all drink from. If there is need of change, change your ways of thinking and watch others follow


Meditation Thursday September 19th, 2013

medWell here I am,  and there you were.

It was a great night as always, I always like the diversities of conversation and the meditation, growling bellies and a snore from you know who once in a while…lol

My goal for tonight was to lead you towards the state of relaxation and have you choose between the two roads to take for your personal journey. As in life many roads are traveled on a daily basis. The analogy of this was for you to relate that the choices that you make are always yours as they always have been. Often many think that they have to follow me to the letter with each word and then their body puts them in sleep mode. Some, on waking, they think that they have somehow offended me, or there don’t remember anything, of they simply did something wrong. Remember this when you are here, you are here to relax and forget about the world outside.

The journey you take once led into relaxation is yours just like the choice between the two roads you stood in front of. Which one did you take? and where did it lead you?. Did you find the answer you were searching for or maybe it was the solitude of just quietly walking?

Sharing your experiences heightens the awareness of you experience as well as the energy. Its like dipping your hand in the lake and then touching someone. The energy absorbs from the lake (universe) and then is absorbed by your body and the essence of who you are. Resonating with this collective energy is what its all about. When you wake tomorrow, what road will you take on your journey into your day? besides the physical one that takes you into work. Remember, that all roads aren’t always made of mud and stone. If you are still at times, you will see that the road on your life’s journey is just as important to pay attention to. Just don’t forget to signal and, watch the signs.

My Trip to the Omega Centre

IMG_0743This was one of the most exciting things I found for myself.

It reasserted my beliefs about the the Universe and how it sets things into motion for us all. Many times it may not be as fast as we would like but as they say, all in good time.  I am talking about a time when I last saw James in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  It was my first time I spoke to him, while trying my hand at Psycometry. This is a method of reading the energy from an object that a person wears,this particular one belonged to a complete stranger. After the event I remember saying that I wish I could not just meet James but actually sit down and talk with him just to pick his brain.  It was around this time that Tony Stockwell, another psychic, was influencing my train of thought through his new TV series based in the UK.  Little did I know that I would be meeting them both very soon.

This trip on was needed for my own validation and soul search. I trust in James so much that the validation he had given me within the first day was amazing and much needed. I know others keep asking why is it that I needed his approval, and it was not the approval rather it was my belief in him helped fortify the belief in myself, which I finally have.  The place I will warn you isn’t one for meat eaters, its a crash course in becoming a vegetarian. Accompanied, with goat and soya milk, it was a real shock to my meat eating system. I think an extra eek there may have seen the diminish of the local rabbit population. With the new diet and possibly home grown coffee (it sure wash’t times) on hand, I pushed on through the endless organic salads. All in all, I did loose enough weight to go down one pant size which is always a good thing. The room in the dorms are small enough to encourage you to stay in them as little as possible and instead wander and explore the grounds. The showers, which I discovered later, were what I thought was a closet. I paint a bleak picture of the accommodations, but really, looking back, it was’t that bad.

IMG_0801The whole week was about learning to Channel spirit.  My first thought is that maybe I shouldn’t be here because I already do this with my Angels Samuel and Sacreah. This reminded me of the advice I gave to my new karate teachers, for although they wer there to teach, through teaching they still learnt.  Arriving on the first day, after speaking to another person in the room, Tony came right over to me and introduced himself which I was excited. After our brief conversation I also met James. This laid the template for the rest  of the week and understanding that they too are just human.  It was a nice first “meet up” if i can borrow that from my English buddy, Gary.  The days from there were spent  tuning  into ourselves, learning techniques of meditation and working with each other over the week in front of us.  This was the most personal time  to learn from both James and Tony and let me tell you I took full advantage of it.  Although knowing already how to channel, I not only learned other techniques, I also learned  the importance of allowing other spirits and even animals to come into this moment in order for them to express themselves and to communicate.  And that through myself and spirit that all would be safe! The exercises we practiced was a combination of both mediums and made for a brilliant combination and I have to say that both Tony and James have a great sense of humor.  There was an exercise where I met God. Yes, you may think that I all of a sudden went religious but let me assure thou its not what you think. It was totally spiritual.  This exercise came from  conversation James and I had the night before when I asked about an experience he had while being operated on. Its in his first book on my website, I rather you read it then me tell you about it. Trust me its worth the read. Anyways the exercise was to build up the energy collectively among all f the participants and to take that energy and build on it. So as we all stood in a wide circle, James had picked out a few of us including, me.  During this meditation James escorted us to stand in the centre of the room and keep our eyes closed. As I stood there I experienced what I have been for the duration of my meditations there and then it came, the whole body chill and I went  numb everywhere.  I then saw myself as I was growing towards the ceiling and as I looked down I felt as I was this giant standing above an inverted large wooden shaped type doorway. As I watched there was people walking through this and then I saw the couple I was speaking to earlier look up at me as they walked through and the next thing I knew, I was in well, somewhere it wasn’t a room but a space and then i heard my name being called. Gordon…Gordon and without thought, I answered saying…I thought you forgot me? The voice then said I have brought you here to show you, and that you are never forgotten. I knew at that moment the voice I was speaking to was God.  Every time I tell this story I have to fight back tears that accompanies this for me it was a sure thing not one can ever take from me, and when they ask I will say that yes, God is still there and relay the same message to all. I left this journey with the information or should I say the validation and opportunity to speak to James as I wanted but left with more than I bargained for. All in all I had a good time, and in the end making friends not just with strangers from all walks and direction on this planet but a friendship with the two psychics who reminded me no matter how well you become known in this world,  they, you and I are only and always will be; human.

One last note James had personally asked for me to return in October, which I am already booked and look forward to.  Not to mention,  pack my beef jerky.

Thursday Night Meditation – Thoughts

medThis week was a little strange given the number of people that showed up. With only 5, it was quite the comparison from the previous weeks.  If I hadn’t know any better, I would have sworn that Christmas was right around the corner, which is about that time when we consider closing down due to the holidays and weather.  It wasn’t until the next day that I was reminded I had cancelled the meditation as we were due to start our vacation this Thursday night.

I took this opportunity to introduce some of the folks to a guide that I was introduced to while away at the Omega Centre a few weeks ago.  It was during this meditation that I watched this particular person walk though the thick woods as if he had to be be somewhere at a specific time.  From what seemed to be above his head, I watch as he turned down a path that was made from the small rolled rocks lining what would be a large stream  when the rain came. As he turned and continued walking. I noticed he made his way out into a meadow. As I continued to watched there was a reflection of a soft white/grey film that seemed to come from the sky and into the ground.  With no thought from him, he passed right though it and I heard a few kids call out “Joshua is here…Joshua is here”. It was then when I heard him speak and introduced himself  saying “I am Joshua, son of Ganya”.

The meditation tonight was an exercise in preparing the circle members to understand that its not just the action of meditating, but understanding the relationship of asking for help when they need it, and to see if they can make any connection with Joshua. I wonder if people come out to meditate or escape from their world they live in?

Either way its always a good place for them to be, within their own selves.