medWell here I am,  and there you were.

It was a great night as always, I always like the diversities of conversation and the meditation, growling bellies and a snore from you know who once in a while…lol

My goal for tonight was to lead you towards the state of relaxation and have you choose between the two roads to take for your personal journey. As in life many roads are traveled on a daily basis. The analogy of this was for you to relate that the choices that you make are always yours as they always have been. Often many think that they have to follow me to the letter with each word and then their body puts them in sleep mode. Some, on waking, they think that they have somehow offended me, or there don’t remember anything, of they simply did something wrong. Remember this when you are here, you are here to relax and forget about the world outside.

The journey you take once led into relaxation is yours just like the choice between the two roads you stood in front of. Which one did you take? and where did it lead you?. Did you find the answer you were searching for or maybe it was the solitude of just quietly walking?

Sharing your experiences heightens the awareness of you experience as well as the energy. Its like dipping your hand in the lake and then touching someone. The energy absorbs from the lake (universe) and then is absorbed by your body and the essence of who you are. Resonating with this collective energy is what its all about. When you wake tomorrow, what road will you take on your journey into your day? besides the physical one that takes you into work. Remember, that all roads aren’t always made of mud and stone. If you are still at times, you will see that the road on your life’s journey is just as important to pay attention to. Just don’t forget to signal and, watch the signs.

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  1. Love to go to Gordon’s Meditation whenever I can, I go to learn about others and their experiences, and to learn about myself. I like to go as well to keep me on track, sort of like a power up to face the world again. The Meditation tonight was peaceful and relaxing and as always in the company of beautiful people.

  2. It was a wonderful night, so many beautiful people. Looking forward to another one sometime soon. Gordon was able to help me get through a difficult time in my life and help me move forward. What a blessing to know that Gordon can and has helped so many!

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