James Inspired!

james inspired

So, we have moved into out new home, and I finally have time to sit in my new computer/meditation room to write. I have located stones to lessen the effects of electricity and placed crystals where they need to be. I finally hung my Teaching Certificate for Karate up, that was only given as a lifetime certificate to a chosen few, along with my 4thdegree black belt certificate and my Black Belt. Which, I actually bled for, to earn.

I have my singing bowls on the floor beside my protection loins and a crystal globe. It actually looks pretty good, lots of morning light. over there, is my stack of military ww2 models, and some new aged fighter jets waiting to be put together, along with my Nikon D7100, and collection of books, art supplies. You may think I’m giving you an itemized grocery list; on the contrary…, I’m thinking out loud of what else I need?

What else? … oh that’s right, Meditation Pillow! Thanks Chamuel…

Looking over one of my favourite sites Pinterest. I was passed on this addiction from my daughter a while ago and I absolutely love it. While doing so, I found something that stuck out as if my teacher, James Van Praagh was speaking directly to me in my head. Something I could actually hear him make reference to. So, I thought to myself why not share this insight with all of you’s.

I tell people in our meditation and those I teach Psychic development courses; about how important meditation is towards your development. Not just because it will help you to relax, and all the wonderful medical health benefits from this daily practice. I feel it is very important to point out another avenue that is benefited from meditation and is not often spoken of. Why? maybe because it may still be seen as a bit taboo to some, who knows? Anyways, I think that it’s good to mention. One of the most benefited from your meditation practice is..I can almost most hear James as if he’s standing next to me in class and whispering…these words you see in the beautiful reminder above.

So, do yourself a favor… (You’ll need set your cell phone timer for about three to five minutes. )

look at the picture I’m sharing. Say these words to yourself quietly, three times. Then, take in a long deep breath, close your eyes and repeat the words to yourself. Aloud, or to yourself in your head. Breathe in and out until slowly as you recite the words until your timer chimes.

Something so simple is often a great reminder; of what else is meditation good for?

Thanks James…. what a wonderful teacher I have.


Here we Go Again Folks… 10 + Yrs and counting
Over the Years, we have been able to provide many people who cross life’s path, and offer the opportunity to create a safe and friendly environment for the practice of meditation as well as; psychic development. We also have acquired some great guest speaker’s in the past and for this year. Talking on an array of subjects such as, the paranormal, psychic, and natural healing aspects and anything that may enhance our knowledge. Each year we seem to grow and are able to share in your learning experience as you chose to spend these moments in your life’s path with us. For this, we are most grateful. This is NOT a cult, and I am not your GURU. Though, I will will teach you from what I learned myself, and know personally.

meditating on beach

– Contact number  905-991-0790
– Meditation every first and second Thursday night of each month beginning, this Thursday evening. – Location. 767 Crescent Road, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada  L2A 4R5
– Cost: $5 per person and each person is asked to bring a small dish to share.
– Try not to eat a heavy dinner prior to meditation as we will eat afterwards.
– Adult only event.
– Non-alcoholic or Smoking event.
– No Leaving Children unattended no matter the age otherwise you will be asked to leave permanently.
– Beginners or experienced, are more than welcome.
– wear loose comfortable clothing and bring your own pillow.
– Yes, you may invite a friend.

* Please call in advanced, to let us know your coming. Class will start at 7pm so please try your best, not to be late.

Get Your own shoes!


Take a moment to walk in my shoes. The shoes I wear can fit anyone. There a distinguished pair of Wonderfull shoes but I will warn you about the laces, which can often come undone. Maybe I should better state; for you to be careful of wearing shoes much like mine. Due to the dirt or mud that can be splattered on them eventually, creating a worn and tiresome look. If you choose to wear my shoes, I suggest that you try to wear your own. For my shoes, actually may not fit you in the first place. Furthermore I will say that, they are worn in the way you see them now, because of the many years of wear on them. Along with these shoes are judged by many people who will try to tarnish your shoes and making you look bad. This, is a fact of life when trying to wear shoes like mine. But I will say this. I love wearing my shoes and where, I go with them.

They have seen many validations of my work with spirit and helping others along the way. In fact, I may never be happier wearing these type of shoes that continue guiding me along the way in my work with spirit and spiritual growth and understanding. Many lessons are placed in our pathways when choosing to walk the road in succession of those that have done so before, sharing in the hurtful comments and experiences. All the while through their work, they have created a pathway for others like you and me.

Wether you choose to wear your own shoes or go barefoot… always remember that each pair of shoes of feet…lol, are different. The shoes, will ware, tare and get muddy. If you are willing to walk this path as I do? Then do yourself a favour…use your own shoes, jump in the puddles, make a splash and use that spirit energy to become a part of this wondrous adventure knowing that they will get worn and muddy. Like many things, the more you wear them, the more comfortable you will become handling any muddy experience or situation.

Wearing someone else shoes may at time fit. But, ultimately following in your own pair while, learning from others along the way, is a great way to own a good pair of shoes. Just remember to tie up the laces and leave no loose ends.

Where are you?

sharimg chairs

Someone posed a question to me and I thought to share my thought with you below……

I’ve been looking on many sites such as the Urban Dictionary, Psychology sites to find the meaning of a “true friendship”. Although there are many meanings and poems, there is nothing to really define it.

Now Im not looking for any post of what anyone finds to show the words because its often that these words are covered by lies told by such a supposed friend or friends.

I heard once that, in order to have a good freind you first and for-most be one! I can say that the one true freind is my wifey, and there are a couple others which is a rare find.

I am a great friend, and if I am yours well consider yourself very lucky. Why would I boost such a bold claim? Well, because you can count on me being there when you need me to be, not judging and often telling you the brutal truth and anything else that you would expect in a true friendship.

This quality is not shared with many others who would say their a friend to you, me or whomever. To you who says their a friend and trust me when I say this… your actions will speak your truth and know that the friend you pretended to be is seen by many others as you surround yourself and strive to continue to be the centre of attention again and again. And although you may not even notice those you step on; will be the ones having nothing to do with you when the novelty wears off with those new . In the end you will lose what may be a true friendship.

I will be fair that Uber did state: If one friend needs the support of the other on a consistent basis such that the person depended upon receives no benefit other than the opportunity to support and encourage, while the relationship may be significant and valuable without lies, it can’t be said to define a “true friendship”.

So my question back is…if your a true friend then, where are you?

Learn Lots


Often, we as humans are trying to discover what our lives are all about. Wondering, what our purpose here is or, we try to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Our life journey yours and mine is more simple than that. While we all have free will it’s the life experience which helps our spirit to grow and experience. Even things that may not seem to serve us purpose in a good way. WE discover, learn and experience in many ways and as we are all here in this school of hard Knox. It’s important to remember that you are here for a specific reason. I have learned this from an early age when I asked the man standing behind me, spirit…what am I here for? At the very young age this question may seem odd but, the answer stuck with me my whole life. The reason we are all here is …to learn lots.

So learn what you can without harming others and yourself, be gentle on your shortcomings and faults as well as, those of others. Travel light in this world because any injustice and mistreatment you bare on others will come back to you in the viewing room when you pass. It has been said over many years that we are our worst critics. True to these words, you will reap what you so and judge yourself accordingly. Learn lots and along the way and experience as much as positive things to alter those days when your feeling your worst moment and know that this will soon pass. All is an experience. As you learn lots, teach something and share your knowledge along the way.


In anything in life there are the expectations of “interest, intention and dependable”. There may be others that I could list but at the moment, these three come to mind. I recently have been exposed to the lessons of each in order to, well continue development with myself and what I would do different later on, in my years of doing the work I do with spirit. I was talking to a buddy of mine about development of Channeling the other day while in the Lilydale Assembly. It’s a Spiritual place where Psychics and Mediums reside in a small community providing readings and classes on the topic. I provided a web addy for their site above. I went this particular day, to see my teacher James Van Praagh, he was doing a platform reading for the crowd. (http://www.lilydaleassembly.com/)

Anyways, I commented to my friend Guy, that the first thing I seek in teaching students, is their true interest. This was also a thing I did when teaching Martial Arts. I asked him why he choose such a topic to develop? In my experience in the past, many would say because, I want to make money, or they have seen Ester Hicks who channels Abraham, or JZ knight who channels Ramtha, and would like to do the same. You can look either of them up on U-Tube. Were lucky in our age, to have access to this wide variety of media available. The answer he gave was, that he was very interested in the subject matter and working with spirit…great. I am always interested to see why people want to develop or take the classes. Their replies are wide ranged, and geared to their personal spiritual awakening. I also want to clear up a few misconceptions at the same time and possibly enlighten their ecxpectations and outcome. Some decide that it really isn’t for them and others well, will take the course’s I will be teaching soon. This and the other development classes will also be posted on the website, facebook.

The next is intention, which in some individuals will eventually develop from their interest. The intention is, in my viewpoint, the dedication which that individual has and understands.
Intention when used in working their development in any subject matter of Psychic development or Mediumship is key to know, and accept that there are some very strict guidelines involved. One is to not rush things but; I would say the first and most importance is “responsibility to Spirit and secondly, to the clients”. I often see or hear of many people take a class and in a weekend or less once finished and they have their certificate…hang their shingle and plant a heavy price tag for their services rendered. The end result works on the process of boosting their EGO, and not giving proper service to Spirit. This ends in a negative experience for both the client and spirit which may do more damage than good. In my classes I stress the importance of responsibility, and practice. There are a few more, but that comes with the classes. With intention, it sets the motion of willingness to learn and learn properly and not to be in such a hurry to hang that shingle.

Finally, after the endeavours are reached, they also have to be dependable to themselves, spirit and continue with any future learning and practice. I am one to always look to hone my own skills in any way I can. I always believe that those who say they “know it all”, are defiantly doing a disservice to themselves wether its involved with psychic, mediumship or healing abilities.

Being dependable also means to be “reliable”. I have experienced this weekend, that not everyone who does any such work with spirit will always be this. It can be frustrating being on the receiving end but there in itself is a lesson in patience. The old saying that, it will happen when it is meant to. I have learned this lesson often. Time is a luxury that we do have, it depends on what you plan to do that will make the difference. When you go some where spiritual or to a gathering for readings such a Lilydale or night event, go with no expectation this way you may leave with more than expected and if you get nothing you won’t be disappointed. Remember, it’s the experience not so much the message that may be the thing you need to understand. Like I did with expectation, not with James it was for another thing planned that day with other mediums later in the evening. Having wifey help me look at this I learned the lesson needed to. In doing so I though to give a little of my past years experience and lesson’s onto you.

Be dependable, expect nothing, and follow your interest and the intention that gives that drive.
You will learn to become a well rounded psychic or medium or healer. Remember were here to learn lots!


why people hate their reading…

I just finished a very challenging reading. Not that it was hard for me but, the person sought other workers like myself, to get her answers. From this experience, I can say that she wasn’t happy. Not surprising at all. You have to understand that if you want a particular thing or someone particular to come through, demand proof of their existence when they do then, you will defiantly be disappointed every time, guaranteed.
I like many, I get upset with this energy. Why not? after all like you I am human. However, I also look at this as an ego check, or even small test or reminder that there are those people out there that through their own desired misery, look will bring this experience to you.
For you all out there looking for a reading, stop trying to find that one thing, relax and enjoy yourself. The energy flows a lot better, cleaner and is more effective for communication. If you stop interrupting,being evasive, argumentative and listen for a moment; you just might hear the message you weren’t expecting. Otherwise, there is a 1-800 psychic hotline that would love to hear from you everyday…me I rather enjoy those who are willing to listen rather than like you who just want to rant.
To all those who want to do the work with spirit I will ask you this…still want to go through with it? To that person, I bathe you in a purple light.


Life’s Encumbrance’s

Life is obviously a journey. Many times you may cross paths with those who can help in someway, at that time in your life. Wether, it be a huge influence or even the smallest which, is often unknown. Be assured that everything happens, when its supposed to, at the time line of Cosmic and Universal or Divine Intervention. Our roads will pass then, curve in different directions. At the right moment, those who are in your life may come and go. Be assured, you will all be present with each other on the other side when the time comes to discuss your part, in each others life’s soul journey. Enjoy the trip and to those you meet. Everyone at some point will play the role of student and the teacher.blueberry-forest-artnaz-com-12