Why are we always seeking for Teachers?

One would think that in order to learn, you need to discover. By discovery you not only gain knowledge and experience but, trust and faith in yourself. It is this faith, and trust that we need to understand which someone else cannot provide this for you. If you wait for someone else’s approval; you may be just waiting to share in their own discovery about themselves and experience through them. Ultimately loosing the opportunity all together in this or that teacher. In all we are all constantly learning and those teachers can give examples to roads of discovery but in all, it is up to you.
Stay true and remember your here to learn lots. it is with the intention that will see yourself rise or fall. There are no wrongs or failures only experience’s. Morals may be learnt or discovered but again, we will save that for another time

From The Angel Samuel ( Chamuel )

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  1. A message I needed to hear. thank you

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