Death, dying and the living: all in synergy in the Major Arcana of life.  Birth in – birth out, there really isn’t any end to life, as we are all taught to believe.

Through his personal experience, Gordon Ellison is privy to such sanctity working with his spirit guides and others who crossed into the spirit world. Gordon is a Psychic/Medium and Teacher of these abilities. As well, as an instructor of meditation for over 15 yrs.

As a Medium/Psychic, Gordon communicates directly through impressions, thoughts, voices, memories and feelings. As a Psychic/Medium, Gordon relays messages from the Spirit world to his clients, in-person and internationally over the internet or, by phone.

“Even after all these years, Gordon always looks forward to continuing to teach and work and is even caught by surprise occasionally with the information shared by spirit. There is definitely more to the physical world around us. That, life for each of us, never ends. We are just all spiritual beings having a physical experience.”

– Gordon Ellison

“Do You Talk to the Dead?”

You can say “I talk to the dead”, but I think that is a bad analogy to use and gives a wrong impression of our understanding between the physical and spirit. The reason I feel this way is because “they who passed from the physical” are not dead.  They have just moved from one dimension to another and are very much alive.

“What’s the difference between you and a Psychic?”

Although everyone is Psychic, not everyone is a Medium.  A “Psychic” is an individual who perceives — becomes aware of  by the use of the senses, information about or around somebody. A “Medium”, receives—takes delivery directly from Spirit/Communication. Therefore, a Psychic perceives and a Medium receives.  As a Medium, I communicate directly by impressions, thoughts, voices and memories and feelings. Acting as a conduit if you will, by relaying messages from them to you.

“How did you learn to do this?”

Through my own personal growth, understanding, practice and meditation, as well as Spiritual development classes and development circles. I also have to thank Cliff and Linda Preston, and my mentor and Spiritual Teacher, James Van Praagh. Other Mediumship and Spiritual teaches include Tony Stockwell , Mavis Pittilla and Paul Jacobs. Many of the development courses took place at the Omega Centre in, Rhinebeck, NY.  I can’t forget my Angels Chamuel and Sacreah and Spirit Guides and Teachers.

We all have questions about our lives, our souls, and loved ones who have passed on.  Now we can find the answers.