To be or, not to be…

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To be, or not to be” is the opening phrase of a soliloquy spoken by Prince Hamlet in the so-called “nunnery scene” of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. Act III,. One of my all-time favourite movies with Mel Gibson aside from Mozart.  How far is it that were all playing a part in this play called life? We all interact in our role often unknown to ourselves, of that role which is called on. The interaction or lack of this interaction effects everyone around us, much like the energy of the universe. The way we interact with ourselves, families and friends then the outside world has a connective tissue of energy that binds us all in the cosmos of life, yet we struggle for our self-identity. In this, we often find ourselves lost. Striving to reconnect with ourselves, those around and to the nonsense the world makes, at this time. We can get caught up in the energy that swells around chaos and animosity without realizing were becoming the villains in our own play. We place blocks in front of ourselves, and yearn to become who we once were.  Remember when you were small, finding friends at parks, playing the games and having fun, because you, cared. Not just about ourselves but others and those around you. We all can create, laugh, cry, love and destroy. Yet in all of this we forget the play, the roles and its intention, in all we are, and who we have become.

We have seemed to have lost ourselves. But you know the beauty in all that? If we close our eyes and feel the love of the universe, give it a try for a moment, and allow the child inside, the memory we created as children to flourish even for a brief moment.

By doing this, we forget all those things that have seemed to weigh us down. By going within or looking inside ourselves, we can once again see the play that we created for ourselves before coming to this physical world.  We can recreate the character, find new roles, and become those children again. When our eyes are closed, its dark and were all the same colour, it’s our experiences that sets aside from each other.  Hold onto those around you, hold them close and remember to share, love, laugh, cry, hug and hold. Know this what I tell you all, we were never born, we always were.

Lights of energy, the universal knowingness and existence. Playing the game in the physical theatre called life. To be or not to be, there is no separation of who you and I are. We are born in and we are born out, no death, no end.   Just a journey we all share in this play. If you don’t like the character you chose to be, then become another, a super hero to yourself or others. And allow no one to make you the villain. Shine your light and be that superhero, the mother, father, friend, brother, sister, lover. Be to yourself and not to be, for others. Because this is your life journey, your souls experience and make it the best play in the Universe.  See you on the other side, if not before then. In love and light…Gordon


What is there to be thankful for on Thanksgiving?

As an Ojibwe, I find it hard to celebrate a person like Christopher Columbus. However, circumstances prevail that everything in life happens for a reason, not often liked or understood. But the outcome of everything we are as spiritual beings is having an earthly physical experience. We may not understand what happens in this world now but when we all return home to the other side, we will have a full understanding. So advise from spirit, be thankful for your experiences in life as a physical being. And leave the movement of the universe to nature and its natural play to the source of life. Learn lots and be thankful for that. from Gordons guides, Chamuel and Sacreah.

James Inspired!

james inspired

So, we have moved into out new home, and I finally have time to sit in my new computer/meditation room to write. I have located stones to lessen the effects of electricity and placed crystals where they need to be. I finally hung my Teaching Certificate for Karate up, that was only given as a lifetime certificate to a chosen few, along with my 4thdegree black belt certificate and my Black Belt. Which, I actually bled for, to earn.

I have my singing bowls on the floor beside my protection loins and a crystal globe. It actually looks pretty good, lots of morning light. over there, is my stack of military ww2 models, and some new aged fighter jets waiting to be put together, along with my Nikon D7100, and collection of books, art supplies. You may think I’m giving you an itemized grocery list; on the contrary…, I’m thinking out loud of what else I need?

What else? … oh that’s right, Meditation Pillow! Thanks Chamuel…

Looking over one of my favourite sites Pinterest. I was passed on this addiction from my daughter a while ago and I absolutely love it. While doing so, I found something that stuck out as if my teacher, James Van Praagh was speaking directly to me in my head. Something I could actually hear him make reference to. So, I thought to myself why not share this insight with all of you’s.

I tell people in our meditation and those I teach Psychic development courses; about how important meditation is towards your development. Not just because it will help you to relax, and all the wonderful medical health benefits from this daily practice. I feel it is very important to point out another avenue that is benefited from meditation and is not often spoken of. Why? maybe because it may still be seen as a bit taboo to some, who knows? Anyways, I think that it’s good to mention. One of the most benefited from your meditation practice is..I can almost most hear James as if he’s standing next to me in class and whispering…these words you see in the beautiful reminder above.

So, do yourself a favor… (You’ll need set your cell phone timer for about three to five minutes. )

look at the picture I’m sharing. Say these words to yourself quietly, three times. Then, take in a long deep breath, close your eyes and repeat the words to yourself. Aloud, or to yourself in your head. Breathe in and out until slowly as you recite the words until your timer chimes.

Something so simple is often a great reminder; of what else is meditation good for?

Thanks James…. what a wonderful teacher I have.