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Someone posed a question to me and I thought to share my thought with you below……

I’ve been looking on many sites such as the Urban Dictionary, Psychology sites to find the meaning of a “true friendship”. Although there are many meanings and poems, there is nothing to really define it.

Now Im not looking for any post of what anyone finds to show the words because its often that these words are covered by lies told by such a supposed friend or friends.

I heard once that, in order to have a good freind you first and for-most be one! I can say that the one true freind is my wifey, and there are a couple others which is a rare find.

I am a great friend, and if I am yours well consider yourself very lucky. Why would I boost such a bold claim? Well, because you can count on me being there when you need me to be, not judging and often telling you the brutal truth and anything else that you would expect in a true friendship.

This quality is not shared with many others who would say their a friend to you, me or whomever. To you who says their a friend and trust me when I say this… your actions will speak your truth and know that the friend you pretended to be is seen by many others as you surround yourself and strive to continue to be the centre of attention again and again. And although you may not even notice those you step on; will be the ones having nothing to do with you when the novelty wears off with those new . In the end you will lose what may be a true friendship.

I will be fair that Uber did state: If one friend needs the support of the other on a consistent basis such that the person depended upon receives no benefit other than the opportunity to support and encourage, while the relationship may be significant and valuable without lies, it can’t be said to define a “true friendship”.

So my question back is…if your a true friend then, where are you?

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