Take a moment to walk in my shoes. The shoes I wear can fit anyone. There a distinguished pair of Wonderfull shoes but I will warn you about the laces, which can often come undone. Maybe I should better state; for you to be careful of wearing shoes much like mine. Due to the dirt or mud that can be splattered on them eventually, creating a worn and tiresome look. If you choose to wear my shoes, I suggest that you try to wear your own. For my shoes, actually may not fit you in the first place. Furthermore I will say that, they are worn in the way you see them now, because of the many years of wear on them. Along with these shoes are judged by many people who will try to tarnish your shoes and making you look bad. This, is a fact of life when trying to wear shoes like mine. But I will say this. I love wearing my shoes and where, I go with them.

They have seen many validations of my work with spirit and helping others along the way. In fact, I may never be happier wearing these type of shoes that continue guiding me along the way in my work with spirit and spiritual growth and understanding. Many lessons are placed in our pathways when choosing to walk the road in succession of those that have done so before, sharing in the hurtful comments and experiences. All the while through their work, they have created a pathway for others like you and me.

Wether you choose to wear your own shoes or go barefoot… always remember that each pair of shoes of feet…lol, are different. The shoes, will ware, tare and get muddy. If you are willing to walk this path as I do? Then do yourself a favour…use your own shoes, jump in the puddles, make a splash and use that spirit energy to become a part of this wondrous adventure knowing that they will get worn and muddy. Like many things, the more you wear them, the more comfortable you will become handling any muddy experience or situation.

Wearing someone else shoes may at time fit. But, ultimately following in your own pair while, learning from others along the way, is a great way to own a good pair of shoes. Just remember to tie up the laces and leave no loose ends.

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