Often, we as humans are trying to discover what our lives are all about. Wondering, what our purpose here is or, we try to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Our life journey yours and mine is more simple than that. While we all have free will it’s the life experience which helps our spirit to grow and experience. Even things that may not seem to serve us purpose in a good way. WE discover, learn and experience in many ways and as we are all here in this school of hard Knox. It’s important to remember that you are here for a specific reason. I have learned this from an early age when I asked the man standing behind me, spirit…what am I here for? At the very young age this question may seem odd but, the answer stuck with me my whole life. The reason we are all here is …to learn lots.

So learn what you can without harming others and yourself, be gentle on your shortcomings and faults as well as, those of others. Travel light in this world because any injustice and mistreatment you bare on others will come back to you in the viewing room when you pass. It has been said over many years that we are our worst critics. True to these words, you will reap what you so and judge yourself accordingly. Learn lots and along the way and experience as much as positive things to alter those days when your feeling your worst moment and know that this will soon pass. All is an experience. As you learn lots, teach something and share your knowledge along the way.

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