In anything in life there are the expectations of “interest, intention and dependable”. There may be others that I could list but at the moment, these three come to mind. I recently have been exposed to the lessons of each in order to, well continue development with myself and what I would do different later on, in my years of doing the work I do with spirit. I was talking to a buddy of mine about development of Channeling the other day while in the Lilydale Assembly. It’s a Spiritual place where Psychics and Mediums reside in a small community providing readings and classes on the topic. I provided a web addy for their site above. I went this particular day, to see my teacher James Van Praagh, he was doing a platform reading for the crowd. (http://www.lilydaleassembly.com/)

Anyways, I commented to my friend Guy, that the first thing I seek in teaching students, is their true interest. This was also a thing I did when teaching Martial Arts. I asked him why he choose such a topic to develop? In my experience in the past, many would say because, I want to make money, or they have seen Ester Hicks who channels Abraham, or JZ knight who channels Ramtha, and would like to do the same. You can look either of them up on U-Tube. Were lucky in our age, to have access to this wide variety of media available. The answer he gave was, that he was very interested in the subject matter and working with spirit…great. I am always interested to see why people want to develop or take the classes. Their replies are wide ranged, and geared to their personal spiritual awakening. I also want to clear up a few misconceptions at the same time and possibly enlighten their ecxpectations and outcome. Some decide that it really isn’t for them and others well, will take the course’s I will be teaching soon. This and the other development classes will also be posted on the website, facebook.

The next is intention, which in some individuals will eventually develop from their interest. The intention is, in my viewpoint, the dedication which that individual has and understands.
Intention when used in working their development in any subject matter of Psychic development or Mediumship is key to know, and accept that there are some very strict guidelines involved. One is to not rush things but; I would say the first and most importance is “responsibility to Spirit and secondly, to the clients”. I often see or hear of many people take a class and in a weekend or less once finished and they have their certificate…hang their shingle and plant a heavy price tag for their services rendered. The end result works on the process of boosting their EGO, and not giving proper service to Spirit. This ends in a negative experience for both the client and spirit which may do more damage than good. In my classes I stress the importance of responsibility, and practice. There are a few more, but that comes with the classes. With intention, it sets the motion of willingness to learn and learn properly and not to be in such a hurry to hang that shingle.

Finally, after the endeavours are reached, they also have to be dependable to themselves, spirit and continue with any future learning and practice. I am one to always look to hone my own skills in any way I can. I always believe that those who say they “know it all”, are defiantly doing a disservice to themselves wether its involved with psychic, mediumship or healing abilities.

Being dependable also means to be “reliable”. I have experienced this weekend, that not everyone who does any such work with spirit will always be this. It can be frustrating being on the receiving end but there in itself is a lesson in patience. The old saying that, it will happen when it is meant to. I have learned this lesson often. Time is a luxury that we do have, it depends on what you plan to do that will make the difference. When you go some where spiritual or to a gathering for readings such a Lilydale or night event, go with no expectation this way you may leave with more than expected and if you get nothing you won’t be disappointed. Remember, it’s the experience not so much the message that may be the thing you need to understand. Like I did with expectation, not with James it was for another thing planned that day with other mediums later in the evening. Having wifey help me look at this I learned the lesson needed to. In doing so I though to give a little of my past years experience and lesson’s onto you.

Be dependable, expect nothing, and follow your interest and the intention that gives that drive.
You will learn to become a well rounded psychic or medium or healer. Remember were here to learn lots!


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