medThis week was a little strange given the number of people that showed up. With only 5, it was quite the comparison from the previous weeks.  If I hadn’t know any better, I would have sworn that Christmas was right around the corner, which is about that time when we consider closing down due to the holidays and weather.  It wasn’t until the next day that I was reminded I had cancelled the meditation as we were due to start our vacation this Thursday night.

I took this opportunity to introduce some of the folks to a guide that I was introduced to while away at the Omega Centre a few weeks ago.  It was during this meditation that I watched this particular person walk though the thick woods as if he had to be be somewhere at a specific time.  From what seemed to be above his head, I watch as he turned down a path that was made from the small rolled rocks lining what would be a large stream  when the rain came. As he turned and continued walking. I noticed he made his way out into a meadow. As I continued to watched there was a reflection of a soft white/grey film that seemed to come from the sky and into the ground.  With no thought from him, he passed right though it and I heard a few kids call out “Joshua is here…Joshua is here”. It was then when I heard him speak and introduced himself  saying “I am Joshua, son of Ganya”.

The meditation tonight was an exercise in preparing the circle members to understand that its not just the action of meditating, but understanding the relationship of asking for help when they need it, and to see if they can make any connection with Joshua. I wonder if people come out to meditate or escape from their world they live in?

Either way its always a good place for them to be, within their own selves.

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