medThe Road to Discovery

Tonights meditation was about making choices. Not just in the meditation, but in life. I know we all do that already to some degree, but it is a reminder that at anytime you can choose the road you wish to be on.  During the meditation you were asked to make a choice. By selecting a path, it encouraged you to explore and help to build trust within your own thoughts.  The Road you chose had a purpose and meaning. Only you can understand this road as it opens up the opportunity to self-discovery. Was there anything that was shown to you or told to you? Did you get anything at all by trusting enough in yourself? I have always provided the tools that lead you into a meditation. This may be a good time to remind you that you have always had the tools to meditate are with you, wherever you are.

The road to discovery in any meditation or even in life for that matter is always about choice.It is important to remember that it should be your choice, and not your will or aim to please another person in its attempt.

There are always many roads in life that we either choose to follow or to lead.  Can you be this leader in your life? if not, why?  Maybe its time to step back and give the Universe a chance to do its job for you. Maybe it’s time to lead by example. By thanking the Universe for the choices provided, you will be presented with more opportunity.  The road you choose is and always will be your choice. We were given the gift of choice, with this choice comes responsibility.  You are the driver, and your destination is, and has always been in your hands.  If you don’t like how your life is going, then change it.  I hope you received whatever it was you needed in the meditation. Your  journey is a lot like the surface of a road with many types of surfaces. But once you peel back that layer it is what is underneath that is important. Your meditation is a self journey on a road with many avenues, and if your still for a little bit, close your eyes and breath the answer will be provided for you if you pay attention.

When leaving comments on this meditation, please answer the following questions.

When you were asked to select a path, were you able to continue the meditation?
Did the path lead to an expected destination?

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  1. Yes, I went down the road I should have I went to a party with a lot of family that past.
    Great visit

    Thanks Gordon

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