angelic-beautyHumans are very capable in retrieving in anything they desire, it is often from the desire that we loose our true intention over need verses greed. The greed lies in what and how, we want others to see us; and we often live in the world of materialization from this intention. This is where most things can become very confusing among need and greed. Now it isn’t wrong to want objects, it is wrong however when it becomes outside your means of finances and living condition. A good example we will input here is; the difference you can see with a tribal family from Africa, in it’s  tribal region. The  opposite can be seen with industrial communities. While one lives almost without material things and getting by on just the basics that person and family or even tribe, are most thankful. Their counterpart however,  in most cases by are driven by the need for greed. Often are ill or miserable in their ambition and trying to get more to hide from this feeling.  The trick, is to understand when it is time to disassociate from what you need and what you want.

In the long run thinking of others is important because; what you want may not benefit that other person and in the long run may be doing more damage than good. Having a positive need is a good goal and can be a positive desire, with a positive result. So I will say to you given the position your in wether its relationship or financial, think about the needs of the other person and if you think what you need is out of greed; then make a compromise and find a positive need with a positive result. You just may be surprised how much more you will enjoy it.  And in the end you may come to realize it’s not what others think thats important  and find that you need is not made from greed We say, leave the gossip and judgement to others. And allow your relation,  what ever area it is,  to bloom into the rose we know it can be.




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  1. My spiritual journey has been allowing me to release a lot of things.i am growing within and believing in my path has made material things of less importance without giving up comfort.
    Thank u Samuel for the reminder to ground and be grateful.

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