medWell, here we are again, a nice quiet night there was a whole of five people that showed and you may think to yourself, wow where did everyone go?  Well, its like I explained that there are two parts to a nucleus, and also in our meditation circle.

There is the core group of people who come on a regular basis, and there is a group outside of the circle who come and go.  They sometimes come out on a regular basis, or they are off and on for a while. We have come to notice that over the years of meditation that when someone from the core circle stops attending, there is always someone new to replace them.  But I look at it this way, sometimes having a more intimate circle is nice because you are not only closer to the nights topic, but it also allows everyone to have an ear or say, it’s just… nice, ya know?  I love when more people come out and join us also, but I thought to share part of the conversation that took place for tonight.

I did record the meditation, and it stopped at 35 sec into the recording, I will say that I have been experiencing a lot of weird things at home lately. I will have to double check, in all cases my dad Cliff also recorded it, maybe I can persuade him to send me a copy in the email? Many of you are probably wondering why I picked such a title and it actually went with the meditation. In short, the bowl represented the soup made by a lady in a cabin where we went in the meditation. She not only fed us, but prepared this wonderful meal for us to eat with warm home made bread. This comfort food was represented by the soup of your choice. Along with the aroma that filled the wooden cabin and immediate vicinity, was the crackling fire that provided warmth chasing way the night chill. All went well as we shared the meal with our visiting spirit guide.

The soup in our bowl represented our life’s experiences. When our bowl is full, we must first eat it’s contents before enjoying second helpings. Much is said regarding an interview where Bruce Lee has a similar example with a cup of tea. I wont explain it as it can be found on U-tube (see the link to the right). When we empty our bowls it allows for us to experience more in our lives. Also soup in general is a warm hug on our internal organs, something we don’t pay much attention to unless its too late. So do yourself a favour at least once a month give your insides a hug, empty your bowl to experience more in life as well as other areas. Eat your soup, you’ll be glad you did.

Question for the night:

1) What did your medallion look like that the woods gave to you?

2) What kind of soup did you eat and how did it make you feel?




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