angelic-beautyI am often still surprised over the years whenever Samuel answers questions that I pose to his direction. I say to his direction because questions are not always  directed to him in particular, and he doesn’t just stand by waiting either.  The relationship between him, Sacreah and I,  have come a long way over the years. In my first book called ” the guidance within” I spoke about him as well as Sacreah and how we met etc but, I don’t think I have said much about him  answering questions. In my second book this is what will take place with conversations from above, (sounds corny right, lol don’t worry it will be a suited title) with my Guides and Angels.  I often wonder if everyone has their own team of guides?  Then why would anyone want to read the next book I’m working on? As often, Samuel does as he is right now, he is speaking about that question I just finished typing.

He is saying that it is not about the contents in each chapter but rather the intention of what you would like to share.   In that,  there are many who are of same mind in thought; and will seek many truths from various source to draw on. That is why they will want to read what you will write about.  Now reminding me of what he also told me,  the information transferred from spirit to the receiver, the information is none of your business. So not to concern yourself if it will sell or not, or if there will be those who want to read it, or  you will become rich from it. Focus on the intention and all else, we just mentioned, will fall into its proper alignment.

As always enlightening and to the point, when it’s needed.

Thanks Samuel…



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  1. So true. We sometimes let ego and the worldly things decide for us. Focused intention on the information that will help others and all else does fall into place.

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