angelic-beautyLimitations are set in the minds through experiences in one’s life. It is not your job to fit or make fit the right person or time to do whatever you want or desire. If something you want or desire’s become’s too much, then you are trying too hard! You know yourself and need no others to speak the words of judgement and righteousness. Fear the unseen – This is what most people think, but it is the unknown and unseen where, all your wonders await you.

You are who you are, and can become whatever it is you like to become, be what you most desire. ¬†As it was said, if the want is from the heart and your urges or pull is from the soul, then who are other’s to have the right or need to validate you?

You are the Medium we require you to be.



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  1. Samuel Gordon’s Guide and Angel, has always given sound advice. It seems there is always something in what he says for each and every person listening or reading. Thank you once again Gordon for bringing forth Samuel to improve our journeys. My spiritual journey has been allowing me to release a lot of things. I am growing within and believing in my path has made material things of less importance without giving up comfort.
    Thank u Samuel for the reminder to ground and be grateful.

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