medI was supposed to put into this post for this night but, I completely forgot about it. A habit that my guide Samuel says, is in our nature of being human. I wanted to talk about the meditation I had about meeting another guide during a meditation at the first experience at the Omega Centre. I can honestly say that this was the top where both Tony and James was interactive on a more personal level that the last time I was there. Anyway, I was meditating and during this particular experience I was in the woods and was watching this guy walk through like he had a particular place to be. I also noticed that I was above him but not too far that I couldn’t see him. I thought it was very interesting as to where he was heading and I couldn’t keep from watching where he was heading to. I noticed he wore a tan outdoors long sleeved shirt rolled to his elbows and wearing shorts that were a bit darker with matching hiking boots. He also had slung over a shoulder a backpack and was walking with a hiking stick you would see for sale at an outfitters store. His hair was jet black and looked like he was in good shape, not too muscular but, enough to know he wasn’t small in his size. As he followed the path in front of him once in a while he would seem to catch himself whistling. I then noticed he came to what would be a small river in the woods but it seemed worn fro the previous rainfall that left behind bedrock of rounded stones with various size colour and shapes. He bent down for a moment and kicked up a fist sized stone and examined it briefly then put it back where he found it, stood up and turned left walking the path of the partially dried up river bed. The experience for me was so real, I remember even being able to smell the deep woods, the earth and feel the warmth from the trees covers of a fresh passed rain only a few hours old. My thoughts immediately went back to this individual who, was now making his way into an open field. As I looked up ahead, I noticed what seemed as I can describe as, a wall of fog stretching from the grass all the way to the sky. Then as quick as I noticed I was standing in the field on the other side of that wall as that individual walked through as a familiar everyday event and taking no notice of the fog. In the next moment I saw kids pop their heads from playing with each other a game of hiding seek all shouting within moments of each others voice and running towards this man, shouting his name; Joshua, look… Joshua is here. As soon as he acknowledged them with a slight one hand/arm hug he then looked up at me and from where I was standing; introduced himself to me and said, hello Gordon, I am Joshua, son of Gaya.

I learned that he was well… a “time traveler”. And often visiting other places then, returning home to heaven and would share his experiences. This introduction also came in the next moment as I watched myself sit in the room we all were in with everyone meditating and as I watched myself sitting motionless. Joshua then stood in front of me and said this is called the fitting and then sat down exactly where I was in me.

I soon learned that there will be work done with “Joshua, son of Gaya” as; I am told how to introduce him to others. He will be also working with my Angels regarding Channelling and other related Psychic work for myself.

I have come to know of many guides during my meditations and really look forward to working with him as well.

I can say that I am glad to have been introduced this way.

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