medMy apologies for not blogging but we missed a couple meditation nights due to our daughter having nose surgery.

I am asked sometimes after the meditation, how do I come up with the different meditations I do or have done. I remember at one particular time, I wrote down what is was I wanted to say during a meditation night. Let’s just say I haven’t since that one time did that again. Not that it ended badly, Samuel asked what I was trying to achieve and then said I should “just go with it”. I have found over the many years of doing my meditations that the best way to remember them is to just go with it. You see every night of our gathering is geared for some reason a purpose to which I don’t understand until the end of the night or, partially half way through. I have learned to let go and let God, as the angels say and allow the meditations to be as natural as they can be. And giving myself whole heartedly to the people attending while acting as an open conduit for the Angels. I have also been privy to meditations done by other people and one of the ones I like most was when I first went to the Omega Institute in NY to see “James Van Praagh” and “Tony Stockwell”. It was a meditation where James was leading the meditation and it involved a particular room. I liked the idea so much that he gave me permission to also use it and so I have incorporated it for the second time on this night. You see the items in the room are all placed there by you, really even prior to the meditation even starting, it has always been this way and was done before you coming into this physical world. Every item has a meaning and purpose only you understand. There is meaning with all that is in here. My aim this night was not just leading you into a serenity of soft words and music. My aim was to allow for you to wake your subconscious mind and explore the items and the gift that was given to you. That too, had a personal meaning. Often people will ask questions which I often give it right back and allow them to seek what it feels not so much what it means because I think that we can become lost in its translation by trying too much. By feeling you have a sense of awareness and feel the energy in response to how it makes you feel. Once you have that , as they say, the rest is cake. The room also was talked about and focused on brief moments of the window on the far wall. Or as I termed it, the room with a view. We so much want to see or experience something during the meditation, often that in itself will halt our experience and is why I said let go and let God. Meaning let go of anything were trying to do or want in the existence of this meditation, and allow the God energy to consume us inside the mass energy of the Universe and allow the experience to be as natural for us as possible. Not all the time you will have an experience in your meditation, and often you may get frustrated and maybe even want to quit. But I will say if these feelings do come up in any of those times you’re meditating, take a deep breath, re-adjust your body and say in your mind as you exhale; let go, and let God and enjoy the room with a view.

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