Believe it or not this was the second entry as the first I accidentally deleted, universal work or just me hitting the wrong stupid button at the wrong time while trying to add a picture? I will admit I have to take the blame on this one. It was, a really good entry, well for a few minutes anyways. When doing the mediumship work and teaching others to meditate, validate and practice, practice, practice; there is a moment to offer opportunity and allow my guides to have a physical conversation. I know they like the interaction of the circle “meditation participants” to ask question of clarification, direction and even speak with someone who has crossed, if the opportunity arises. Sometimes when I come out from channelling, it can make me feel a bit dizzy and out of sorts. Other times, when I try to get my bearings, I open my eyes to see everyone staring at me. Over the years, this is something that I have come accustomed to.

People, whether they realize it or not, often have information channeled to them from spirit. For example, when an answer to an idea suddenly comes to you out of the blue and helps you solve something. Spirit has and will often assist when they can, this is not to be confused with interrupting or interfering, but to help. Other examples are seen with Edgar Casey, Mozart, Bach, and even one of my favourite groups, Ramstein. These fluctuations of spiritual assistance is just to help you that little bit as your learning. Choice is yours and always will be. So with the experience and answers you seek sometimes may not be what your looking for and may be a bit more blunt than you realize. But know this, those answers or bits of conversation are always replied to you with the utmost intention of love.

Can anyone be a Channeller, sure we are all from the same light source but remember this does take dedication and PRACTICE. Not just a week or two course. While you may receive the basics, many people are different from each other and also is their spiritual growth. Unfortunately, there are some who, take a channeling course and are such in a hurry to perform and wow the crowd that their willing to take advantage of the teacher, and skip all the spiritual lessons to become famous to raise their own ego.

That is why I will tell people who are interested in learning to Channel, to find a good teacher, not to rush, and practice, practice, practice. Being famous isn’t a bad thing but being true to your intention, is always a good place to learn and grow. In time things will unfold and opportunities, placed in front of you. You will know when it is time and when you are ready.

Fame is like a flame on a candle eventually, it will burn out. Much like your physical body and then at a time; a new flame will emerge and your true self be reborn. (from Samuel)

For a channeling classes, I will offer these once I have 10 ppl interested, will be posted on dedicated FB page “Spiritual Medium Gordon Ellison”.

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