Last weeks meditation in March 2014 was about learning to connect with a new guide. That guide was also learning to connect and work with each of you. It was important that when doing the exercise, to remain with your eyes closed. While learning to relax and then through the meditation you have learned to connect via the open doorway directly behind you. The light which was bright at first, slowly dissipated as the connection became stronger. Once the connection and vibration was completed , you had allowed the information or rule of first thought to be applied. While sitting across from your partner , and leaning in, you allowed the information to begin and be told. This first voice as I will call it, transmitted the information through you from thought. The exercise was an important introduction allowing both you and that guide to practice the art of communication and hold of the shared space of vibration. One your end, the reason I was told for keeping your eyes closed was because they didn’t want you to allow your ego get in the way and interrupt the flow of information and break the connection. As some of you experienced, thoughts seemed to vanish and leaving you to open your eyes.

While this did happen to some, two things had happened. One, during the quiet moment, your guide was going back to ask for assistance. Remember that their also learning to communicate with you. Essentially, you lost the connection and any other information, was lost. Secondly, with your eyes opened, the opportunity for the ego was allowed to see how you did by the expression of the other person and thusly, allowed you to miss the intention of the whole experience and exercise. For everyone there there was no right or wrong. You all did very well, just remember next time you practice, keep your eyes closed and don’t allow your ego a chance, to ruin your experience in the future until your ready to part with it.

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  1. every meditation at Gords is a learning experience.He allows each person to be and to hear what they need.Each class is individual and the people show up when the evening is related to a message they need to hear or receive in meditation.His ability to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome is so well received by all.THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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