medYes, the title of this blog is not really what you would expect, but it is a means to an end.

Why did I use such a title? I wanted to get your attention and to appeal to your imagination. With the seasons break upon us, I thought this would be a good opportunity to site down and pen a few words.

I think that when the time comes to meditate there are two separate groups (or circles as my friend Michael prefers) The first group actually attempt to practice meditation on a consistent basis. What you should remember is that the time you spend meditating, even if it is for just a few minutes, are enough to boost your energy and raise your vibration. You can try a few minutes at work while you are on a break, you may be surprised what a difference it could make to your day.

Samuel, my Angel and Guide reminds me from time to time that, were only human., and, once in a while life will get in the way.

Finding time to meditate isn’t as difficult as you may think, you just needs a routine. However, we are creatures of habit so we often find excuses why we cannot meditate. Make time and make it a daily practice. It will not only help with stress but, will also assist those on the other side who are also trying to communicate with you.

You just have to be patient, and listen.

Within the second group or circle are those who just like the social gathering experience of the meditation. Is it wrong? Not at all because, they are experiencing what they need at that time. This usually takes place with newcomers to a meditation. I am not saying one or the other is better. Again, it’s the social interaction which I am referring to, and is often seen as the first stages of their meditation practice or experience. It is at this point where, people find their comfort levels and gradually move into the stages of practice or at the least, should be.¬†Whereas, those who are experienced and are going to practice then do so with the intent and intention of your own experience.

If your just interested in attending meditation to just socialize then, you are just experiencing what I refer to as “Meditation Foreplay”. As I said there is nothing wrong with this but, the only downfall from this type of practice is; you may loose out on the “Spiritual and True” self experience you will get from practicing meditation.

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