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Expect a friendly and safe environment to learn to meditate and develop your psychic awareness. The house is located off Dominion Rd in Fort Erie, Ontario. Cost is $5 per person and we ask each person to bring a dish to share. We will begin, March 2014 at 7:00 pm on, the first and second thursday of the month, and will run until 9:30 pm. We will do a meditation first then eat after this. If need eat a light meal before meditation, and can eat afterwards otherwise, it will be uncomfortable meditating on a full stomach. After the meditation, we may have various discussions, learning about energy work, distant healing, paranormal discussions and psychic development. In order to develop your awareness of your psychic self; meditation is key towards your interest and development is entirely you and your self practice. We are not rigid and make the experience as safe and fun as possible. This is an alcohol free, drug free, and smoke free event. Including, areas of the driveway so do it before you come and keep your butts in the car and not on the driveway, road or on our lawn. We appreciate your understanding and interest and look forward to meeting you. If you intend on bringing someone please make them aware of cost and expectation. With this said; this experience is personal and serious for all involved.

DIRECTIONS: You can access this from the Niagara BLVD by getting off the Peace Bridge from Buffalo Ny and take the first off ramp which is a minute away then turn left and go straight till come to a stop sign, you can also see Buffalo Ny and Lake Erie at this point. Turn right and follow this rd, stay right coming to “the Old Fort”. The other rd will go left of this. Continue coming pass two beds on the rd than kraft rd will be immediately on your left. Turn left here and go down the street were on the left hand side with the only aluminum shed in driveway.

OFF THE QEW: exit Gilmore rd from the highway and at the stop sign continue straight to the lights. Turn left here which is called “Garrison Rd”. Get into the right lane and go straight just pass the lights you will see a car dealership. Kraft rd is on your right just before the business. Turn right and go all way down the street to the stop sign. This is a long rd, don’t sped as there are police often hiding towards the end. From the stop sign cross the rd (Dominion rd) stay on this rd and we are on the right hand side with the only aluminum shed in the driveway.

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  1. Thank you for he information on your website which includes the meditation nights. I appreciate the help and direction. Hoping to meet you soon.

  2. Gordon, regarding your meditation and following discussion of March 6, 2014, I was reminded of a very important principle for living my life. Owning resentment is a form of self-imprisonment. Forgiveness sets us free.

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