I am Teaching an eight-week course in personal psychic development. Cost for this course will be 350.00 per individual. The first class will start, Monday February 2nd 2015. Thereafter, classes will follow each Monday night from 7-9 pm.
This course is intended on assisting you with your own awareness, understanding and development of “your”, Psychic abilities. Throughout this eight-week course, you will learn the importance of meditation and other techniques that will help you, in reaching your goal to become fully aware of your own psychic self.
Along the course outline, you will also learn techniques in communication between the physical and spirit world around us. Learn how to connect and work with your guides and recognize the differences in physical and spiritual energies and understand the differences between a psychic and a medium.
Seating is limited. You must be dedicated in attending the course, and must complete the eight-week duration. The course is NOT intended to provide you with the skills to immediately go out and charge for psychic readings. As with anything, much practice is needed and is important that groundwork be crafted prior to this intention. Responsibility to you, spirit and the clients is key.
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  1. Please sign me up for the course beginning February 2nd. Thanks

  2. This course will begins soon and i will contact you

  3. I.very interested and glad that you are teaching this course . Contact me by email or my cell 905 359 5566 i look forward to seeing u again.

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